(The following history has been compiled by Springs Historian and former Sonoma Valley Grange President Michael Acker for the Springs Museum.  Please follow this link for the full story: https://springsmuseum.org/2022/06/28/the-sonoma-valley-grange-traditionchange-and-renewal/)

“The Sonoma Valley Grange was chartered in 1924. Grange members were able to buy their own hall, from Selig Rosenthal of Rosenthal’s Resort, in 1934. Speculation has it the building, located on Hwy 12 adjacent to the Acacia Grove mobile home park, had been a dance hall, possibly a speak-easy during Prohibition. 

The Grange prospered and the building was added on to. Events such as a semiannual flea market, pancake breakfast, and Christmas parties were popular. The Grange participated in the institution’s traditional lobbying of elected officials in favor of farmers and community wellbeing in general. Women were prominent in the leadership, serving as presidents, secretaries, and treasurers.”


The Sonoma Valley Grange in the Early 1900s



The Sonoma Valley Grange Today