Kitchen renovation is underway!

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Over the past month, our member volunteers have once again come out to assist with our ongoing building renovation project.  We emptied out the cupboards, stored ite

kitchendemoms we are looking to keep, and gave away what we do not need.  Next was the fun part! Taking sledgehammers, cats claws and crowbars to the old kitchen infrastructure, getting it down to the “bare bones”.  We will do what we can to ready this space for our contractor, so that they can come in and get busy with the finer details of constructing a new commercial kitchen!

Special thanks to Sandie Sanders, Cathleen Swanson, Claudia Sims, Steve Dungan, Ray Gallian, George Dolinsky, Gary Seifer and the honorable Jim Callahan for extra duty on this project…. Stay tuned!

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